Navras Bollywood Dance Amsterdam

At Navras, we share legacy of 12 years experience of teaching Bollywood dance to individuals and corporate.


Navras Story

Proud moment for my dance school Navras (9 emotions), which completely 14 years of existence in Amsterdam this year- 2024. Teaching 1000’s of students, Workshops to countless small/big groups, corporate team building workshop to amazing companies in NL and Europe, Cultural & Corporate shows. I am humbled by the respect, trust and love people have given me for being a motivator & spread the positive energy of dance around the globe.

Values of Navras

  1. Quality & Substance.
  2. Innovative Choreography – blending classical & Modern style
  3. Create perfect environment to learn and improve.
  4. Dancing -have a healthy habit
At Navras we believe that dancing is therapeutic; it has range of health benefits clinically effective at improving body image, self-esteem, focus, attention, communication skills and self-awareness. It has been shown to reduce stress, fears and anxieties, as well as lessen feelings of isolation, body tension, chronic pain and depression. 

Founder Vyjayanthi Iyer

I am Vyjayanthi iyer, I can say I was born to dance and teach dance. Nothing could have stopped me for building something special with so many happy faces around me that makes me who I am today. I am an Artist. Been into Modelling & Acting for long, however dance has been my passion. Coming from an artistic family, I share my art through dance. I have been blessed by tremendous positive energy, which I pass it on to all who come to learn dance from me.

My aim is to provide a development platform for my students, various opportunities to perform on Cultural festival and community events, Annual school performances. My group and corporate workshops are very famous; I travel around Europe to give my workshop quite often.

One of my students is writing a book on how the brain affects kids/adults positively when they start dancing. I am so touched & honoured that I am a small part of her book. She herself has felt the effect of dancing since the time she started my classes.


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